Even Happy Plants Failed To Cheer

I was very much in a mixed of emotions when I went back to Ipoh last week to vote in The 14th. Malaysian General Election ( GE14 ). I was very excited about the long-awaited election though it was not my first time voting. In the midst of my excitement, my heart was somehow, still saddened at the loss of someone whom I have always regarded as my teacher, who passed away two days before the election after battling with cancer for a few months.May he be reborn among the lotuses in the pond of the seven gems in The Land Of Ultimate Bliss - The Western Pureland ). The GE14 results which were completely out the next morning did lift my mood quite a bit but not much, it seemed. My heart still feels the pain and sadness.

At my backyard...

The two Winter Melon plants were very showy with some pretty, bright yellow, cheery blooms on them. I could be getting some fruits if I'm lucky since they do not need to involve pollinator insects or other manual interventions to pollinate and set fruits.

The two Butterfly Pea Plants had already found and trailed up the fence. There were some pretty, bright indigo-blue blooms here and there though there is only one visible in the picture below.

I had harvested some Basil leaves and brought them back to Kuala Lumpur for my fourth sister.

The Madeira Vine had finally stopped flowering. Lots of new leaves were formed. Hopefully, there would be enough for harvest the next time I go back.

At my front yard...

The Sweet Potato plants ( vines ) were growing very happily, it seemed. They spread very quickly and had covered-up almost the whole of the planter. I did not harvest any of their tasty leaves this time in the hope to get some big, healthy tubers some time later.

Some of the Turmeric plants had grown very well and were taller than the Sweet Potato plants; while some seemed to have ' drowned ' and were not visible at all from the top of the planter. Hope they are fine nevertheless.

I usually found solace in watching plants whenever I feel down. But not quite this time - even amidst all those happy plants at both my back and front yards. I guess I need a little bit more time to cheer up and feel alright again... 


  1. Good post and pictures. I hope that you feel more cheerful soon. Take care. xx

  2. I totally understand how you feel, after losing someone dear to you, so sorry for your loss. Mourn your friend/teacher, and remember the times you enjoyed together. It does take time to deal with loss, but you will...and you will enjoy your beautiful garden again, how wonderful it all looks. I am enjoying reading about Malaysian plants...so good to find you!
    I was shocked at how old your elected leader is. Surely he should stand down and let younger blood, more forward thinking politicians in?xxx

  3. Hi Flighty, I'm happy you think so. I will definitely feel better soon. Thank you so much! And you too...

  4. Hi Snowbird, thank you so much for everything! I will definitely enjoy my garden again. Soon, hopefully. I'm glad you enjoy them too.
    It must have shocked the world too. That is what he is planning to do. I really want to thank him for his good intention to save our country. It must have been quite tough for him at such an age. May he be blessed with good health always...

  5. Hope you will get some winter melons and sweet potatoes! Best of luck! Also, hope you will enjoy your plants again. Take care!

  6. Hi Simon, I hope so. Thank you so much! I will definitely enjoy them again...


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