Recreating My Small Backyard Garden - Part 1

When I bought this second hand house of mine in Year 2017, this part of house ( which is now so-called my small backyard garden ) was an extended, fully-covered kitchen. But since I would like to have an outdoor space, I had asked my renovation contractor to remove the roofing and walls on all sides except for one side of wall which is shared with my neighbour on my right, who has his extended kitchen built. It is a most right decision which I had made for this part of the house. My regret however, is that I had not asked him to also remove the old, unsightly, ugly green-tiled, concrete kitchen table top which I have no use of. It looked so ugly that I made sure I give it a miss every time I took pictures of my ornamental plants here in the past.

Finally, few days back, I had it painted with almost the same colour as the wall's colour. It looks much better now or so I think. I also had the six pots of ornamental plants here, trimmed and rearranged. For now, I am rather satisfied with the improvements made.

Here it is, the new look of this part of my backyard :

Tomorrow, I will be joining the usual week-long Buddhist Retreat Camp at a nearby Buddhist Society.  So till days after that, will I be reporting on Part 2 and Part 3 of my Recreating My Small Backyard Garden.

Do bear with me for the super slow reports. Thank you so much for reading this! Bye!

My Resolve To Recreate My Small Backyard Garden

I have always wanted an outdoor space of my own. A space filled with beautiful plants and wildlife that I like. So I can play and relax as and when I feel like it. It is important that it has to look beautiful on the whole. So much the better, if it can have a small swing in it. So I can sit and swing on, and daydream all day long, to my heart's content, while enjoying beautiful nature around me.

It is already two years now since I started creating this very space of mine ( my small backyard garden ). But as yet, it is far from looking beautiful or functional. Not the way I have hoped for, at least. 

There may already be some beautiful edibles and ornamentals growing here and there. But certainly not enough still to make the space look full.

It may have been for the inappropriate arrangement or combination of things or some ugly corners that need fixings that make the space look rather unsightly,

And finally, it may have been for the absence of the right swing placed in it. 

From now on, I will try to recreate it ( with minimal budget ) by addressing issues, rearranging plants and pots, fixing ugly corners, and etc., until I finally feel ' okay ' with the overall view. Do come again to see how I will make it happen over time. I may be very slow. as life has been pretty busy for me these days. But I promise I will try my very best to speed things up whenever I can. Hopefully. 

Till then. Do come again! See you all!