At long last, a green privacy screen is on the way!

I have long since wanted to have some kind of privacy screens; particularly at this part of my garden where my back neighbour can look straight into my garden through their dining hall's window.

Not that I think they want to see me on purpose. But the feeling that someone could easily see me from the other side of those forever closed, curtainless, black-tinted glass windows without me knowing it somehow makes me feel just not that comfortable.

I had, many a time, thought of using decorative items or pots of plants or even some climber plants to cover up the fence there but never once tried to make them happen.

" Alright, I will do it tomorrow! " I used to always tell myself every time. But then, as expected of the lazy me, that tomorrow never did come.

Finally, last week, those fast-growing accidental bitter gourds and hyacinth bean seedlings that I cared very much about had me dilly-dallying no more.

Pots were rearranged to make way and a vertical galvanised iron trellis was designed and constructed in a mere one day time for them.

The trellis, when covered with the vines, would hopefully give me a bit of privacy and make me feel more comfortable should I decide to put my previously bought garden table set out there to work or have my meals whenever I stay over at the house.. 😀