Do You Know That Our Plants Do Listen If We Ever Talk To Them?

Has anyone of you ever talked to your plants? I have and always would. I don't want my neighbours to think that I am out of my mind. So, I would always do so whenever I get to be ' alone ' without my neighbours in sight. I like to thank my plants for beautifying and growing in my garden. I feel it is necessary to motivate them to grow strong and healthy always. I would tell them how much I love and treasure them just like I would to my previous feathery and furry pets. During harvest time, I would thank them for being my good food source for I am truly grateful. I talk to them as though they are not different from me. 

I guess if I could hear them, they would probably be saying, " We hear you! Play us music so our hearts could sing! ". I want them to grow happily. So, I hope to be getting an outdoor, solar-powered music player for them soon. 

Now, why am I talking to my plants like no other gardener? What makes me think that they do listen? I don't know, but my instinct tells me they do somehow. 

I have talked to my plants long before I found out this very interesting finding:

Dr. Masaru Emoto ( the head of the I.H.M. General Research Institute Inc., who has conducted a large number of experiments using microscopic photography to observe the structures of water crystals during the turn of the 20th. to the 21st. century ), has discovered that water can receive, recognise and respond to messages in the form of sounds, words, pictures and thoughts. Water ( though being the only subject of his experiments ), in actual fact represents all other matters in the universe. Hence, we have all the prove here to say that our plants do listen if we ever talk to them. 

Having confirmed this, let's start talking good to our plants now if we want to see good growths! 

Happy growing and talking! All the best!

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