Some Pretty Harvests And Plants Update

I did not have enough time to tend to my plants at my backyard last week when I went back to my holiday home and had the pumpkin plant removed at my front yard. It was not until on Wednesday, when I finally managed to go back again and do something there - SOME LONG-DUE HARVESTS. 

Like always, I had some really pretty harvests this time. Thanks to ' Mother Nature ' who never fails to take care of my plants whenever I am away. 

I had harvested...

Some Gynura bicolor leaves,

some Ocimum basilicum ( Basil ) flowers and leaves,

some insignificant, whole Amaranthus sp. ( Red and Green Amaranths ), 

and, some Ipomoea batatas ( sweet potato ) leaves.

All of which had been shared with my sisters back here in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday.

Meanwhile on the same planter at my backyard....

The two Butterfly Pea ( Clitoria ternatea ) plants which I had transplanted from my eldest sister's garden last month seemed to have thrived - though they had yet to find the adjacent fence for support. And yes, I had finally made up my mind to keep one of the accidental Winter Melon ( Benincasa hispida ) plants. For I had learnt that it requires very little care to thrive and bear fruit; which would be really great for my frequently ' unattended ' garden.

The Butterfly Pea plants could be seen at the bottom left while the Winter Melon plant could be seen at the bottom right of this picture.

The Madeira Vine ( Anredera cordifolia ), which I had planted for its nutritious leaves some months back, was really taking its sweet time, it seemed - in showing off its small, fragrant, cream-white flowers which would eventually turn black - slowly, and one after another. There was no indication that it would put a stop to its flower show anytime soon. I wonder if I would ever get to harvest any of its leaves at all. Sigh. Still hopeful though. Wish me LUCK!

All for now. Thank you for reading this. Till next month... Bye!

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