Love me, WHY CAN'T YOU?

Dear Gardener,

I have always have a WISHFUL dream.
That is, to become your ' official ' PET.
INSTEAD of your ' detested ' PEST.
To be LOVED and PROTECTED by you.
From the KILLER pellets and kind.

But a wishful dream is EVER a wishful dream.
You will never love me.
In your heart, I am forever a pest that will ruin your plants.
If, to the extent you must get rid of me, 
Send me off to the wild instead.

THOUGH I do think I could make a GOOD pet.
As ALL I ask is just a GARDEN to roam in.
And a PORTION of your PLANTS to fill my tummy.
MOREOVER, if you would seriously look at me,
you would find that I am actually quite LOVELY in a way!

Love Me,
the Garden Snail

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