I've Got My Outdoor, Solar-Powered Chanting Machine!

My outdoor, solar-powered chanting machine comes with an operating menu, a big, pink lotus flower head, 2 green stems and a soil-poking tool. I will write a review about it once I have it installed at my garden some time in mid February. Till then...

The other day when I wrote This POSTI received quite a lot of comments from my readers. Some shared the same view as me while some opined that it is absurd. Despite having plenty of supportive findings on the internet, some are still not convinced that plants do listen somehow. I don't blame them. Even identical twins do have differences in thoughts and such. What more, all of us. I can only assume that unless they hear or see for themselves, they would never ever believe it. So, till then, I'd rather save my time from engaging in never ending debates. 

Yesterday, my wish for an outdoor, solar-powered ' music player ' came true finally. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! My brother got me one. Though it is no conventional music player but a chanting machine instead to be exact, it would be great for my small backyard garden. 

In case you have not followed my posts from the very beginning, my small backyard garden is a very small space at the back of my holiday ( vacation ) home. I get to be there only a few to ten times, or so in a year. Most of the time my plants are left to grow under the care of ' nature '. I guess I have to really thank and praise the rain and the sun. They have untiringly, showered countless goodness upon my plants all these months. My plants ( which are all vegetables ), have been growing really well because of ' them '. Hence, I have enjoyed a couple of good harvests so far. 

Though my absence never seems to have mattered at all, I hope my newly-acquired outdoor, solar-powered chanting machine would somehow give them another boost to grow even better. This machine generally plays chants that are most pleasant and positive in nature. My plants would definitely love them. How I wish now that mid February would come soon. For only then, would I have the time to go back to my holiday home and have this machine installed at my small backyard garden. 

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