So, long live my dear Gynura plants!

I have been growing Gynura bicolor ( Heng Feng Cai or Okinawa Spinach or Sambung Nyawa Ungu ) plants at one end of my backyard planter where on most days of the year, sun exposure is minimal, for more than a year now. 

Initially, I grow them for their nutritious leaves. 

They are especially easy-to-grow plants. I just have to buy them once and eat their leaves. And use their inedible stems to get things started. All I do is stick their bare stems into the soil. I do not even have to pre-root them. They just grow. No matter the soil condition and weather. However, they do have some particular likings. Come rainy season, their growth obviously accelerated incredibly. Often, exponentially. Or so it seems. Yes, they love lots of water. And less hours of sun. Shade, particularly. 

I have many a time harvested their leaves. And eaten them as stir-fried vegetables. They taste rather strange. Frankly, I do not quite enjoy them as vegetables. Neither do my sisters. So, I stop harvesting them.

These days, I leave them all to the occasional, visiting grasshoppers, who find their leaves tasty,  to enjoy as they wish. I am most happy for them. For at least some creatures appreciate them as food. 

But whether or not they are appreciated as food, no way would I give up on them. Not any time soon. At least. As I love them. Their green purple foliage is just too admirable to part with yet. I would continue to grow them. And enjoy them for their beauty instead. Until I get tired of them ...

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