It was a busy, busy garden that day!

My Small Backyard Garden this past Thursday - Pictures taken after I had all the chores done.

My Small Backyard Garden had been a particularly busy place and full of activities of all sorts this past Thursday!

I could be seen busy potting and repotting, fertilising, trimming and watering my plants the whole afternoon. 

Millipedes were seen busy wandering about the long, ground level and pot planters after I had all my plants fed with buffalo manure. 

Some snails which were initially found resting under the damp, little spaces under the two compost bins and some pot planters, were seen climbing up the Daun Kaduk ( Piper sarmentosum ), Frangipani ( Plumeria sp. ), and Okinawan Spinach ( Gynura bicolor ) plants in broad daylight afrer I had their resting places disturbed. 

A garden lizard was seen running for its dear life when I got near the potted Coconut Palm ( Cocos nucifera ) where it was found resting on, thinking I would bring harm of some sort.

A beautiful, pure white butterfly was seen fluttering around the now starting to flower Thai Basil ( Ocimum basilicum ) plants on the long, ground level planter.

At least two busy bees were seen busily buzzing around the remaining cluster of flowers of the potted Coral Vine ( Antigonon leptopus ).

Lots of larvae, worms and insects were seen busying themselves in the soil and compost bins for food.

And finally,  some forever unfavoured coo roo-c'too-coo sounds and unwelcomed sights of the neighbourhood pigeons from and at a neighbour's rooftop were heard at and seen from My Small Backyard Garden. Thank goodness they did not choose to land on mine!



  1. Lucky you, and unlike here where the only wildlife generally seen in gardens at this time of year are birds and squirrels. xx

    1. I was, Flighty, thanks! Though there were one or two which I didn't really like.
      Oh, birds and squirrels! I do hope to see them ( sorry, but not pigeons ) in the garden the next time I am there...

  2. All nicely arranged. Seeing this make me want to rearrange and tidy up my garden too :)

    1. Thank you so much, meintheswim! I feel happy to have motivated you so!

  3. Your potted plants are looking lovely. So good to hear about all your thriving

    1. Thank you so much, Snowbird, for thinking so about them!
      Glad you do!