When you have A CURIOUS VISITOR in the garden...

We were back to Ipoh on September the sixth, and had stayed for about a week or so before we came back to Kuala Lumpur on the twelfth. It had rained almost every day while we were there. Apparently, the plants in my small garden had enjoyed those thorough, natural showers. Every morning, even at a glance, I could tell how very much they had grown, compared to the previous day.

Finally, towards the end of our stay, there were plenty for harvest. Both at my back and front yards. Plenty. But not after Jane, my curious younger sister, had most of them harvested.

Pictures taken after the harvests.

I was still in bed when she did all the harvests. Right before the sun was up. I should have asked her to wait for me before she decides to do anything in the garden. Some edibles were just too new to her. That she inevitably made mistakes.

Out of curiosity, she lifted up my immature Turmeric plant. Only to find that there were no turmerics yet. She planted it back at another spot on the planter. When Fourth Sis found that out sometime later, she was a little upset. The plant was still struggling and yet to recover from the shock caused by the lift before we left for Kuala Lumpur.

The SHOCKED turmeric plant after the lift and relocation.

Having visited a small farm owned and managed by an old Portuguese couple back in the Wales, United Kingdom not long before while she was studying there, Jane had had the taste of fresh peas. Which she had picked and eaten off the plants. So, when she saw my Butterfly Pea vines with lots of pea pods everywhere on them that morning, she was curious what they taste like. Unhesitatingly she picked one, split it open and popped its peas into her mouth right away. The same way she had enjoyed the peas back then.

Gosh! How could she be so unhesitating? What if the peas were inedible or poisonous? Why had she not thought of that possibility? Luckily, they were known to be edible to me. Though no one I knew ever tasted them before, whether cooked or fresh. ( She said the peas tasted just like any fresh peas. Only that they were not sweet. Unlike the ones she had tasted before )

Pictures of the peas and flowers of the Butterfly Pea vines.

There were some right things however, which Jane had done. Like harvesting the Red Stem Malabar Ceylon Spinach, Thai Basil and Sweet Potato greens. ( Though they were all, almost ' bald ' after that. ) And having left my Allamanda, Ginger, Gynura and Radish plants untouched, at least. Thank goodness that she had not mistaken them for some leafy vegetables!

The Radish plants were untouched and not mistaken for some leafy vegetables, at least. What a RELIEF!

I told myself that the next time I have new visitors in the garden, I would give them some briefings first. Before things go wrong!


  1. It still hasn't rained much here. I suppose that it could have been worse but you'll have to make sure that your sister knows next time. Those peas look more like beans, being bigger and flatter than the usual peas here. xx

    1. Oh, but at least, it is cooler these days, isn't it, Flighty? So, things won't be too tough for you, I hope?
      I'm very glad it wasn't the worse. She already knows her mistakes now.
      You are right that the peas are flatter and look more like beans. But the size shown in the picture is quite deceiving. It is actually no longer than 2 inches.

  2. Excuse her,the tumerics will revive quite fast in this rainy weather.

    The radish plants are growing well.You may have agood harvest later. How long it will take to mature?

    1. Let's hope so, meintheswim. I wasn't really upset. But felt funny. And was a little shocked and worried instead, when I found out what she had done.
      They are. I hope so. This is the first time I grow them. So, no idea really how long they will take to mature. Will update it here when they have.

  3. Oh dear, sisters!!! Something similar happened to me when my sister raided my veggie patch, I was left with nothing! Glad she knows better now, we gotta love them....smiles!I'm glad you still had some edibles left, I am looking forward to you posting re the turmeric, I've never seen it growing before. The flowers on the Butterfly vine are really beautiful, such a lovely shade of blue.xxx

    1. Ha ha! You are so right, Snowbird! We gotta love them!
      Oh, I'm so glad there are some left, untouched, at least. I will definitely write an update on my turmeric plant in one of my future posts. Like you, I love the Butterfly pea flowers for their lovely shades of blue!