Summary List Of The Things To Do In And Around My Small Backyard Garden In 2018

When I first bought my holiday ( vacation ) home last year, it was in a quite run down condition. Until now, I still can't quite figure out what had gotten into me back then, that made me decided to buy it at the first viewing. Definitely not the price as it was considered rather high for the area. I knew it. So, it must have been ' FATE ', I guess. I admit I ever regretted and even felt rather stupid at one point of time for not taking more time to consider the buy. Run down condition and high price. There would never have been another buyer like me on earth. Somehow, I have to accept the fact that I have already bought it and that it has used up a big part of my savings. I must make it serve its purposes as a holiday home and a place for me to ' play ' gardening, I told myself.

So, despite my regret, I engaged a contractor friend to help me do a complete makeover for the house. The whole house ( inside and outside ) including the wooden staircase and upstairs wooden floor was repainted - new piping and water tank and electrical fittings were installed - the backyard awning was removed to make way for the rain and sun to settle in - 2 planters were constructed ( one long one at the backyard and one square one next to the front entrance ) -  new wire mesh fencing was installed on two sides at the backyard - 2 side brick fencing walls were partially extended up to the awning at the front car porch - new gate was installed at the entrance to the car porch - new bathroom and sanitary fittings cum floor and wall tiles were installed inside the bathroom and toilet - new floor and wall tiles as well as new kitchen sink and table top were installed at the kitchen cum dining area - and a lot of minor repairs were carried out here and there. 

Finally, when all was done, the pieces of furniture were moved in. And, I have stayed in a few times since.

However comfortable or functional it is now, there are still a lot of things that need to be done. I resolve to have them completed by end of this year, if possible.

Here is the summary list of the Things TO DO in and around My Small Backyard Garden in 2018:

1) To add some hardy and almost maintenance free potted indoor plants at the dining, living, kitchen, bathroom and toilet area - so as to add more ' life ' to the home.

The pictures below show the spots that need to be displayed with potted plants :

Dining table

Living room

Kitchen table top

Display or utility shelves inside the toilet

Toilet bowl water tank 

Bathroom display or utility shelves

Bathroom water basin

2) To add more planters and plant more edible cum ornamental plants at the backyard. To add some garden furniture and to find ways to decorate the cemented ground, if budget permits. To transform the backyard into a really beautiful, functional and productive small backyard garden.

3) To plant more edible cum ornamental plants at the front entrance ( front yard ) planter.

May all tasks be accomplished by year end! All the best!

Happy New Year!


  1. Do you have any indoor plants in mind? I recommend a dragon tree, I barely remember to water mine and it comes back to life again and again. Plus, they've got an awesome name ;)

  2. Hi Zinzi. I have a few in mind already but your suggestion reminds me that I might as well get a dragon tree or a dracaena sp. for easy maintenance. Thank you so much!


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