Let's Be Kind To Our Garden Pests

Every growing season, we can see gardeners scratch their heads, battling with unwanted intruders ( or so-called ' Garden Pests ' ) that are nibbling away at their plants. Following the masses, they use all kinds of protective and eradicative means to deal with them. While biological pest control method does not cause damage to the environment like the chemical one does, it is still not a good option. It does harm our garden pests somehow. Mechanical pest control method could be a better one ( in terms of not causing harm to our garden pests ), but that would mean increases in cost, labour and time used. So, the latter is not ideal either.

So, what other option(s) do we have then?

Let's take human being as an example. When one is strong and healthy, nasty people ( or bullies ) and pathogens wouldn't dare to or be able to get near, what more attack one. Even if they do affect one somehow, one will surely bounce back and become stronger and healthier than before. The same principle applies to our garden pests and plants. So, all we need to do is as simple as to care for and feed our plants well. Only when they are internally strong and healthy would they be able to defend themselves against garden pests naturally.

Apart from growing really strong plants, we can also communicate with and be kind to our garden pests in a way. We can sacrifice a small plot of our cultivated plants and offer it to our garden pests to feast on as they wished. We can put up a notice at the plot that says, " Garden Pests Are Welcome To Feast Here ". It may seem ridiculous but whether we believe it or not, our garden pests do understand somehow, especially when we do it with utmost sincerity. Only when their instincts tell them that we mean no harm and are kind to them, would they return our kindness and leave our other plants, undisturbed.
Note : Garden Pests ( however irritating and tiny they are ), like us human beings, do cherish their lives and fear deaths. So, let's be kind and spare them when we could! It takes only a little of our efforts.

Happy Growing! 

" A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees. "      
Amelia Earhart


  1. Curious. Do you have any successful case to support your words?

  2. Interesting post. I take few measures, if any, against pests on my plot and generally don't suffer much damage or problems. xx

  3. Hi Simon, thank you so much for asking such a question which I think many of my other readers out there would also want to know the answer.

    Well, though no proper experiments have been done to support what I have written above but there are a few known-to-me successes which I would like to highlight here:

    As for myself, I have been practising the same at my very own garden. So far there are no signs of any garden pests just yet other than weeds. I fertilise my veges well - so that could be the reason. And, although I never specifically allocate certain veges for my garden pests, I do sincerely tell them verbally that I would not harm them in any way should they come and nibble at my veges. They never did come so far.

    An organic farm owner at Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia ever told me that he has avoided intrusions from pests all these years through making sure that his plants are strong and healthy at all times.

    I have also heard of great successes at a vegetable garden at Toowoomba, Australia that practises offering of a small plot of their vegetables to their garden pests to feed on. The only pest control measure that they ever use is a good heart that comes with generousity, kindness and sincerity. Unfortunately, I am unable to disclose the said garden further as I have not gotten their permission to do so.

    To verify the suggested ways, it won't cost much of your time and resources anyway. Why not try them at your very own garden and let me know your result

    Happy trying and wish you success! Good luck!

  4. Hi Flighty, thank you so much for your kind comment and support! I am happy that your plot is still doing alright despite taking only a few control measures against pests.

    Happy growing 2018!

  5. This is an interesting take on garden pests. Lots to think about.

  6. Hi Christina, Thank you so much for your comment! Won't hurt trying, anyway...


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