What I'm Growing In My Small Backyard Garden And Front Yard Right Now

Since I seldom stay at my newly- bought vacation home, the planters of vegetables in my small backyard garden and front yard are very often left unattended. Every time I go back for vacation, I would harvest the vegetables, if any, do thorough weeding, add my own naturally-derived fertilizer to the soil, do seeding and plant vegetable cuttings. After that, I would leave them all, almost completely under the care of nature unless I can find time to do it myself. Recently, it has been raining almost everyday. Hope the amount of water is just sufficient; not too less or too much. Pray hard now that the vegetables will all grow well and be a feast for the eyes in my small backyard garden and front yard in the weeks to come.

Here are the pictures of my planters of vegetables right now:

1) Backyard Planter :

Madeira Vine (anredera cordifolia) started to show signs of starting to grow well after a long stagnant growth since planting. Thanks to the rain water and the crushed coffee fiber which I have added to the soil as fertilizer weeks earlier.

Ceylon Spinach (basella rubra) planted from cuttings are not growing well now. I am not giving up on them just yet though. Hope their growth would improve soon after my adding of crushed coffee fiber fertilizer to the soil.

Basil Leaf Plant (ocimum basilicum) growing very well after I have added crushed coffee fiber fertilizer to the soil weeks earlier. I have sprinkled some Baby Spinach ( Amaranthus gangeticus ) seeds on the empty space next to these plants to fill up the planter. Hope they would germinate soon.

Gynura bicolor plants grow well from healthy cuttings in soil that is added with crushed coffee fiber fertilizer.

Red Amaranth ( Amaranthus cruentus ) seedlings grown on crushed coffee fiber fertilized soil. Hope they would grow well despite being so close together. I am very reluctant to pull out any as I love them all.

2) Front Yard Planter :

Pumpkin Plants ( Cucurbita  pepo ) planted from seeds. I have a lot of them removed to give enough space for them to grow and spread later. I have learnt that it is not easy to have it bear fruit as they need pollination either by hand or by insects to make it happen but would still want to try anyway. I have also sprinkled some Kailan ( Brassica oleracea Alboglabra Group ) seeds on the same planter and hope that they would germinate soon. Perhaps I would sacrifice or move the pumpkin plants to the outside of the planter.

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