Pretty 'Snow White' - Our Once Upon A Time Garden Dweller

Snow White was named after her pretty, white, snow-like feather. She was quite a unique duck with rare characters. Being the only duck dwelling in our garden, she ate, played and slept with the chickens thinking that she too was one of them. She especially loved the chickens and would follow them wherever they went. She liked to bury her beak into the chickens' feather and suck out ticks from their body. Snow White was the happiest, worry-free duck on earth if not because of my fourth sister. She was a very naughty girl back then. Her hobby was to chase and catch Snow White for fun. But Snow White just wouldn't let her every time she tried to. She would always attack her in advance so as to protect herself. Perhaps it was because of this, Snow White never liked human beings. She must had thought we were bad creatures though we did feed her well and pampered her a lot of times. ' Thanks ' to my fourth sister for leaving such bad impression to Snow White.

Snow White refused to face the camera when we took this picture of her

Snow White trying to attack my fourth sister when she took her picture. Though she had quite a bad temper, we loved her just no less. She was one of our garden darlings.

Snow White wandering about freely with the last of our chickens, Yellow Feather Hen at the back of our house. 

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