My Eldest Sister's Edible Backyard Garden

Yesterday, I went to my eldest sister's house in Cheras because she had asked me to go over and have her hair cut as usual. I am not a hair stylist but she just can't trust anyone else out there. I have become her personal hair stylist since many years back. The reason why she only wants me is not because of my skill but my compliance with her needs always.

All these years, everytime I go to her house to have her hair cut, she would lead me to her edible backyard garden and relate to me a lot of things about the fruits, herbs and vegetables which she has planted. Before I leave her house, she would always harvest some vegetables for me to bring home ( returning my favour ). Yesterday was no exception.

Here are some pictures which I had taken before the harvest :-

Overall view of my sister's small, edible backyard garden where she planted ginger (zingiber officinalis), figs (ficus carica), chilli (capsicum annuum), madeira vine (anredera cordifolia), basil leaf (ocimum basilicum), ceylon spinach (basella rubra), etc..

Chilli plant with its rich produce

Basil leaves - ready to harvest

Ceylon spinach - ready to harvest

Potted fig tree

Unripe fruit

Almost ripe fruits

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