Odd, difficult time, but I am loving it!

The birds and the neighbouring cocks are already long awake these days when I get up from my bed. I have plenty of time to laze as there are generally little matters that need immediate handling, if any. Work wise, I mean. 

There has been very few orders received on my online shop eversince I had all my item selling prices adjusted back in early February after our local post had their postage rate increased. In addition to that, the current Pandemic situation has all parcel sending to Europe and the United States become impossible. Since most of my orders are from these countries, I am often left with no choice but to have them all cancelled, thus leaving me with almost nothing to do or handle.

But come to think of it, it is not too bad a thing after all. I have more time to pamper myself with more sleep and doing things I do not usually have much time to do.

Being stranded here at our old family home where My Childhood Garden was, ....

1) .... I have been spending lots of time outdoor ....

.... enjoying walking meditation and chanting Amitabha Buddha's name amidst a variety of bird songs and sounds of nature ....

.... under our decades-old rambutan tree when the sun is up ...

.... and round our whole garden when it is breezy, not hot and not raining in the evening .... 

.... on most days.

I must say I am loving this kind of life now. It makes me wonder why I have not realised this kind of peace and pleasure before.

My only regret is not being able to travel to my own house, so could not see and tend to my plants at My Small Backyard Garden as and when I wish.

2) .... I have finally been granted with a temporary permit by Big Bro to grow a small patch of vegetables at the far end of our, now, under his care, sandy, fruit tree garden. 

I am hopeful it will be a success though for now, it seems a long way still to be considered so.

With a snail spotted near it today, I think I can only expect for a miracle to happen.

3) .... I have found new joy in growing my own food without having to dig a garden.

See picture below ....

Yes, I have been sprouting mung beans in a glass jar like this. Twice a week.

And have since used them ( the sprouts ) in my cooking. They are so very good to eat. Crunchy, fresh and yummy!

Mung Bean Sprouts - Stir Fried With Eggs

Mung Bean Sprouts - Stir Fried With Chillies

4) .... And I have been spending plenty of time reconnecting with my other siblings ( except Second Sis and Third Bro who prefer total social distancing ) who are locked down at their respective homes in Kuala Lumpur via WhatsApp every day. A lot of things have been shared so far but I am sharing just three here ....

.... Jane - For the first time in her life, grew something! See what she has got here ....

Yes, This is a soya bean sprout! Ha ha, perhaps she can be a soya bean sprout farmer after this lockdown!

.... Fourth Sis and her daughter, Jia Ying - All they are looking forward to everyday are no other than baking, cooking and eating! Here are some pictures of the food they had made and enjoyed ....

Cheese Bread

Milk-Sago - Sweet Potato Sweet Dessert

Vegetarian ' Nasi Lemak ' ( Coconut Milk Rice )

They look yummy, do you not think so?

.... Big Sis - ( Shhhh, please ....  and do not laugh .... I know I am bad for not asking her permission before sharing this picture of her! )  

She created this face protector last week and has since worn it many a time to the market. She has attracted quite some attention. People approached and asked her where she bought it from. She has thought of making and sending one to her son who is now studying in Singapore but I doubt he will want to wear it at all. Unless if everyone else in his campus is wearing the same.

All for now! Thank you for reading this! Bye!

-------+++++++ -------

P.S. : (Whatever your religion is, let us all pray that this Pandemic be resolved and all those suffering from it will recover soon and the world at large be at peace. ) Stay safe, everyone!


  1. It's good to see that all is okay for you. Good luck with the vegetable growing.
    I agree with your P.S. Thanks, and you too. xx

    1. Thank you so much, Flighty! I hope so too...
      I just hope the whole world will be well!

  2. Lovely to catch up with you. Delighted to hear you have a place to garden, I hope you have great harvests. Those mung beans look delicious! love that you are in touch with your family, thanks goodness for technology. That mask your sis made is fantastic!xxx

    1. Oh, Snowbird, it has been more than a month now, but the veggies that I grow here doesn't seem to have much progress! Probably because the place mainly consist of plain sand without organic matter. So, nothing is harvested as yet.
      Oh, the sprouts, they are crunchy and delicious!
      Yeah, thank goodness for technology!
      Ha ha! Big Sis is still wearing it whenever she goes out. She's so proud to have made it.