I Am Rather Happy With My Small Backyard Garden Right Now

After quite a long absence, I am finally back to my vacation home where My Small Backyard Garden is today. Soon after I got out from my sister's car, I took a quick look at the front yard planter. I knew I shouldn't have high expectation at all but I still felt very disappointed at the sight of the weeds having dominated almost the whole of the planter. The pumpkin plant managed to survive and bear flowers somehow but there was no sign of the kale plants at all. I have yet to take a closer look at it as it was already quite late when we arrived. I will have to pull out all the weeds tomorrow or day after to know the actual condition.

Here is the picture of the front yard planter which I had captured at that instance :

Beautiful greenery but unfortunately not my desired greens.

Having seen the unfavoured growths at the front yard planter, I quickly went to the backyard to see the other planter, but with much less optimism. A lot of times when you least expect the best to happen, you would be happy to see even the slightest good things or happenings. It was just the case for me right then. I was closed to jumping with joy at the sight of the beautifully grown vegetables ( except for the Ceylon Spinach ). They have grown just so well and beyond my expectation. There were some weeds here and there but they have not hindered the growth of the vegetables, or so it seemed.

See the pictures below :

The Sweet Potato plants have overgrown to the outside of the planter and are ready for harvest.

The Basil Leaf plants are flowering and ready for harvest.

The Red Amaranth plants are growing in abundance. They may be over-crowded but look healthy somehow.

The Gynura bicolor plants are at their most beautiful state. They are ready for harvest.

The Madeira Vine has already trailed up the fence and looks healthy though it is not ready for harvest yet.

Despite the disappointment that I have with my front yard planter, I am quite happy for at least the backyard planter is rather beautiful and productive. Thank goodness.

Note : This blog post is a continuity from an earlier blog post. Click HERE to read the earlier blog post.

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