My Burlap Garden Screen Project - It's Not Over Yet!

For the past months or so, I have been thinking about what perfect material I could use as my garden screen - one that I like and could work on, all by myself in order to screen-off my next-door house's unsightly backyard. 

Finally, a fortnight ago, after opting out the commonly-used material like agricultural netting, artificial grasses or wall plants, bamboos, bricks, metal sheets, real plant climbers and woods, I settled for BURLAP. Not only that I thought it would be something easy for me to work on, but that I have always adored this amazing natural, fiber-made material. Not to mention also, because of its ease of availability.and super cheap price. 

The grocery stores that I used to buy my foods from whenever I go back to my hometown have lots of its sacks for sale. Used ones though. So, after some measuring and calculating, I bought twelve burlap sacks from one of the stores last two weeks, costing me a mere RM 6.00 ( Six Ringgit Malaysia ) to begin my burlap garden screen project with.

Yesterday, I managed to give myself a whole day off from work to work on the sacks. I thorough-washed them clean by hand a few times in the hope to get rid of their ill-smell and chemicals, if any. Then I sun-dried them. Their texture seemed a bit different after wash but still beautiful. My only regret was having them folded when drying so there were lines on them that would not go away. When they were all somewhat dried, I put them up, one by one on my small backyard garden's fence, fastening them with thin wires as I went.

I spent quite some time doing all these. When everything was finally done, I stepped back and looked at my completed project. I was disappointed. I did not even want to take any picture of it. The outcome was not like what I had hoped for. 

I was already feeling very sad and tired when I related this failed project to my sisters. Not only were there no consoling words from them but laughs and fun remarks! 

[ They all said, 
" Haven't we all told you, Burlap is not only UGLY but definitely not suitable as a garden screen? " 
" Didn't your back neighbour laugh at you when you were doing all these? " ]

Whatever they said and however they laughed at me, I am determined to redo the whole thing the next time I am free. Perhaps, I would take them all ( the sacks ) down, straighten and better arrange them, before putting them up the fence again. 

Wish me all the best then! 


Note: As usual, I would be going for the year end Buddhist Retreat Camp again this coming Saturday.  So, wishing everyone ( my dear blog readers and supporters ) here, the MERRIEST of CHRISTMASES and the HAPPIEST of NEW YEARS!

My plants are enjoying the abundance of RAIN!

As a " non-resident " gardener, I depend very much on Mother Nature to take care of my plants. 

Without " her " I could not possibly have ...

... these beautiful fruit, herb and vegetable plants ...

... and ...

... these wonderful blooms and buds ...

... happily greeting me when I stepped into my small backyard garden in Ipoh this past Thursday.

How I appreciate " her " most kind works! Tirelessly " pouring " water from the sky almost every day especially! Oh, how my plants are enjoying them all!

Thank you so much oh dear Mother Nature! Thank you!