It is that time of year again! Mum's favourite fruit ( also mine too, of course ), the rambutan, is in season! 

Predictably, my eyes became wide open and my mouth watered, at the sight of the many beautiful bunches of familiar red, hairy-skinned fruits ( the rambutans ) that were almost everywhere on the decades-old, homegrown Rambutan Tree ( Nephelium lappaceum ), that greeted me as the GrabCar that I had my ride in from the KTM station, pulled into the compound of our old family home yesterday afternoon. 

The instance I hopped off the car, with my knapsack still on my back, I skipped, most excitedly like a child, towards the tree. Before long, I had bunches of the fruits brought down to the ground. And it was right then and there, under the shade of the good, old Rambutan Tree, that I had my very mini rambutan fruit fest. Alone. As both my two older brothers ( Big Bro and Second Bro ), who might possibly want to join me then, were not at home. 

In my heart, I knew, if mum was still around, she would have advised me not to pick them then, for the sun was already up and scorching hot. So, the fruits would not taste their best. But like always, I found it extremely difficult to wait until the exact right time. I would rather surrender to a milder taste and less juicier fruits. The temptation of those sweet, juicy, translucent, fleshy bites beneath those red, hairy skins was far too great for me to resist. They seemed to be calling out to me to savour them all immediately. 

Oh, Mum, it was ever difficult to follow your advice! I just COULD NOT, not then, at least!!!

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