There are pictures, at least, for days away from the garden ...

I do not always get to be in my garden in Ipoh. So whenever I got to be there, I would make sure I enjoy every minute of it to the fullest. Whether I was doing some garden chores or simply being there admiring my garden or plants.

Every time, before my stay is over, I would take some pictures of either my garden, my plants or my harvests, if any, so I could always have a look back at whenever I miss them.

Here they are, my dear most three flowering plants this time, which I think I would miss the most. Having nice pictures of them would surely help in cheering me up after I go back to Kuala Lumpur few days from now.

1) My beautiful Frangipani ( Plumeria sp. ) ...

Though its flowers are not yet in full bloom,  I am most happy to see them. I have waited a year or so for the tree to flower again. So when it finally does now, I am happy no bound. I know I can easily make it flower more often, with the many flowering boosters available in the market, but I somehow prefer to wait and let it flower naturally. The flowers seem more precious to me this way.

To extend the worth of the flowers and to fully enjoy their beauty and sweet fragrance, perhaps I should also pick them up whenever they drop to the ground. I could put them in a plate on a table as a center display before they really withered. What do you think?

2) My ever easy-growing pink Air Mata Pengantin or Bride's Tears or Chain of Love or Coral Vine or Mexican Creeper ( Antigonon leptopus ) ...

It is now flowering again, though its florets are not really open yet, after I had it trimmed to ground level some time back. Its pretty pink florets really look like beautiful drops of happy tears. No wonder it is given this name ' Air Mata Pengantin or Bride's Tears ' by the locals here!

3) My forever love, Periwinkle ( Vinca rosea ) ...

So far, they never disappoint the gardener, me. Always flowering. No matter the weather. These ones were cut back to ground level some time back. They have all grown back now, more bushy than ever and are flowering. Both are being planted in the same pot. What a perfect combination! They make each other's colour stand out.


Did anyone of you, like me, ever take pictures of your garden or plants for the same purpose? Do let me know in your comments below!

Finally, hope you have enjoyed mine as much as I do!


  1. Three lovely flowers, I especially like the vincas.
    I occasionally look back through old blog posts to enjoy some of the flowers I've grown. xx

    1. Thank you so much, Flighty for your ever kind comment! Me too, about the vincas!
      Ha ha, I think most bloggers or gardeners of today do so! 😄

  2. Just loved all three of these gorgeous blooms, a lovely reminder of my many visits to beautiful Malaysia! It's always lovely looking back at flowers in

    1. Glad to know you love them too, Snowbird!
      Ha ha, that's exactly the case with me!

  3. Like you, I also like to take pictures of my garden plants especially of the first bloom after waiting for so long.

    Though you are quite often away from your garden the plants are still growing well and flowering beautifully.

    1. Ha ha, so we are not the only ones, meintheswim!
      Oh, so glad they are, really!